Welcome to SanCom Inc

SanCom, Inc., a Utah-based corporation founded in 2004, has created a breakthrough method for accurate person identification, based on hypersonic facial recognition technology. This highly accurate method of person identification holds great promise for many applications, including passive TV ratings devices, automobile security devices, cargo theft prevention, hotel/motel and airport security methods, and many other applications.

The Product

SanCom’s patented solution combines powerful biometric authentication and efficient neural network processing to produce the only TV Rating product that enables passive gathering of the following seemingly simple but highly elusive viewer data:

(a) who is actually present in the TV viewing area

(b) who enters and exits the viewing area, and exactly when

(c) what channels are being watched (not just tuned) and at what time

(d) who changes the channel

(e) who turns the TV on and off and

(f) the presence of a guest (an unrecognized person) in the viewing area

SanCom Markets

,Bats have used this technique for authentication and authorization--

to seek out food, friends, enemies, locations, relatives, and other necessities!!

SanCom  has patented  and developed a hypersonic technique for doing just what

they have accomplished in nature!!

1.Sleepy Driver/DUI  Discovery
2.Passive TV Ratings
3.Explosive Residue Detection
4.Demonstration of Facial Recognition with sunglasses; blinking lights, et al!!
5.E-commerce/Gaming Usage
And Others  !!!!